About the Journal

An international scientific and practical conference on the topic "Prospects of innovative development of the national corporate governance system based on international standards and modern best practice" is scheduled on 30th of May, 2023 under the leadership of the Corporate Governance Department at Tashkent State University of Economics.
Subtopics for discussions at the Conference:
1. Development of the national corporate governance system based on international standards;
2. Improving the efficiency of corporate governance in state owned enterprises;
3. Improvement of corporate governance in organizations of financial sector based on international principles;
4. Introduction of CSR (corporate social responsibility), ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance criteria) and SDG (sustainable development goals) principles in Uzbek enterprises;
5. Economic and social issues of the country's development in the year "Attention to people and quality education".
Those wishing to participate in the conference may submit their theses on the conference topics in Uzbek, Russian or English languages by 25th of May, 2023 to the editors of the Conference via email address: [email protected].
Academic and scientific staff, experts, researchers and talented students of leading foreign and local higher education institutions and scientific research institutions are welcome to participate in the Conference.
Each thesis included in the Conference collection will be indexed in Google Scholar database, collection will be and published on the official webpage of TSUE (www.tsue.uz).
Requirements for theses:
Thesis topic/Title
The topic should be formulated as short and concise as possible in three languages (Uzbek, Russian and English), and must clearly express the direction of the research.
Information about the author
Author's full name (with patronymic), place of work and position, academic degree and title, e-mail address and contact telephone numbers
Abstract must be given in Uzbek, Russian and English languages, not exceeding 3-5 lines. It covers the research problem, relevance, methodology used to reveal the research
problem, research results, and a brief description of the author's scientific and practical contribution.
Key words
Key words that reveal the content and purpose of the thesis in the shortest possible way. In order for the thesis to be easily found on the scholar.google.com or google.com search engine and on the first pages, it is recommended that each key word be repeated 6-8 times in the body of the main text.
List of used literature/References
The list of all literature and scientific articles used for the preparation of the thesis should be given in sequence [1], [2] and [3]:
• author's name, book title, publication address, publisher's name, year, pages (for literature);
• author's name, article title, journal name, publication, year, number, pages (for the article).
Thesis text
The text should be in "Times New Roman" font size 14, line spacing 1. The border of the text format should be 2.0 cm. from all sides (right, left, top and bottom) of the thesis text page. The minimum length of the thesis should not be less than 3 pages, and the number of used literatures should be at least 3-5 sources.
Theses that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.
The author is responsible for the accuracy of the examples, quotations and information used in the text. The Organizing Committee is not obliged to return and comment on theses that have not passed the competition.